» Crafted for the multiple deck ovens
» Widths available. 1200mm - 1800mm, adaptive for the ovens in wide 1200 – 1800 – 2400
» Steps; picking up from tables at the preloading station, depositing on canvas products in queue to be baked, unloading according to timer, deposit onto the unloading area
» Movement on reinforced canvas belt
» Sigma type shaped tubes vertical and horizontal; covered with stainless panels
» Stable horizontal movement ability by the helix casters on rails
» Motorized belts precision on vertical acts
» “Safe Mode”, in case of any emergency or electric cut off
» Full control by 1o” touch screen panel WIFI , remote control
» Steamer + ligths + temparature on the control panel
» Over 40 programmable command on the PLC panel
» High quality universal electric components in use
» Horn type versatile access edge enables to the flexing entrance, avoids to damage on canvas and surface of oven
» Auto sweeper unit for cleaning the crumbs (optional)
» For shining & colorful breads, the water sprayer unit (optional)
» CE certificated & 2 years of warranty

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