Ultimate L type intermediate prover, designed for higher capacity industrial  producers. The reliable and accurate solution with compact design and performance for the smoothest dough process in necessary resting time . 

Based on the advanced synchronization setup, it offers the most punctual transporting and dough resting process without any stress.  The powerfull dough charge with conveyor feed.   The capacity of 80 rows, 800 pockets, 18 minutes resting time, up to 4800 doughs per hour between 50 – 1200 gr.  The dimension of the product is determined according to the place or area to be installed before production.  

Durable construction, frame, doors, interior components  made of stainless steel. The reinforced row pins prevent vibration. The maximum dough centering by nonstick nylon mesh square pockets, easy to clean and replace. Transparent windows allow for easy supervision of resting dough. Well compatible with other equipments like dividers, moulders, rounders....

User friendly functional featured control panel, modular construction, easy to care and clean. Highly customizable features are standard  like UV light (antibacterial), lights,  fan,  air blower.

Technical Specifications
Capacity (pcs/hour) / Capacidad (pzs/hora) 3600
Row Nr. / Numero Cargadora 60
Pocket Nr. /  Numero Bolsa 600
Resting Time / Tiempo De Reposo 18
Pocket Size / Tamano De Bolsa  (mm) 170 x 170
Width W / Ancho (mm) customizable / personalizado
Length L / Largo (mm) customizable / personalizado
Heigth H / Altura (mm) customizable / personalizado
Dough Input H1 /  Altura Entrada  De Masa   (mm) 900
Dough Output H2 / Altura Salida  De Masa    (mm) customizable / personalizado
Electric Power / Energia 0,57 Kw
Weigth / Peso Neto (kg) 750 +/-
Dough Weigth / Peso Masa  (gr) 50 - 1200
Air Fan / Vantilador Yes / Si
Ultraviolet / Ultravioleta Yes / Si
Caster Wheels / Ruedas De Carga Yes / Si
Speed Control Unit / Control De Velocidad Yes / Si
Disassembled Pack / Desmontado Pack Yes / Si
Modular In Two Part / Modular En Dos Partes No /No
Flour Recyle Tray / Bandeja Recicladora De Harina Yes / Si
Pocket Type / Tipo De Bolsa Nylon Mesh Square / Fieltro Sintetico Cuadrado
Material / Materia Stainless Steel / Acero Inoxidable


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